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Against Serialization with XmlSerialization

There’s a terrible monster in .NET’s closest, and its name is XmlSerialization. I love serialization to XML (or whatever your node-based text format of choice is), and I love XML in .NET and C#, but XmlSerialization is a horror. Let’s look at the requirements for XML serialization with the...

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Extending LinqToXml for better XML interaction

Many tools programmers or tech artists work with XML on a daily basis.  For .NET developers, there are three ways to work with XML.  You can use XML serialization (built in or custom), the System.Xml namespace, or LinqToXml (System.Xml.Linq).  I usually advocate XML serialization (with custom serialization routines!), but...

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Blogging again!

I’m going to start blogging again (and more seriously for the first time).  I’ve been doing most of my posting over at the past few years, but now with increased free time (no more crunch for me), and an expertise in a relevant area (I feel like I’m...

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