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Goodbye Austin, hello Atlanta and CCP

Earlier today I left Austin for Atlanta, to start at CCP Atlanta while my immigration goes through.  I’ll definitely miss Austin- Atlanta is not my first choice of cities to live in (especially Hotlanta during the summer!), but I hope I enjoy it while I’m there.  If you want to meet up while I’m in town, send me an email: .

I hope to continue my blogging frequency and am looking forward to writing more code again.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Austin, hello Atlanta and CCP

  1. Congrats, man! I don’t like Atlanta, either… but CCP seems like an awesome place to work. Have fun. :)

    1. Thanks Jesse! The apartment (and the studio will soon be) in downtown Decatur and I’m actually loving it. Great area, tons of stuff to do. It’ll be a good few months I think!

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