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The Tech Artist’s Creed

Repost of my most recent from altdevblogaday: Last month we started a thread on about creating a tech artist’s creed.  After several weeks of back and forth, we finally came up with something we could all agree upon.  Here it is: I am a Tech Artist, Every day...

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What’s Eating OOP?

Repost from altdevblogaday. Also of note that this was my first blog post that I know of that was reposted on reddit/hackernews, and on reddit especially the comments were sort of brutal… oh, internets. Anyway, I’d suggest heading over the altdevblogaday to read the comments when you’re done with...

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Optional parameters can be harmful

I’ve come around on optional parameters after being an opponent of adding them to .NET.  They can be very helpful, clean up the code by not needing overloads, and inform the caller what the defaults are.  They are an integral part of python and why it is easy to...

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Bored People Quit (I did!)

If you read one long blog article this year, make it this one: Rands in Repose’s Bored People Quit.  It is one of the most important blog posts I’ve read in a long time, and right on the money. If you’ve ever worked a shitty professional job (especially programming),...

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The Open Source community can be mean

I’ve talked a bit about my problems with OSS as an outsider.  Martijn Faassen wrote a great post about his problems with it from the inside: How to Handle Ideas.  It’s an informative, lucid post about improving the ways the open source community receives ideas and criticisms, written by...

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You will create a brave new world

Ian Cooper, one of the contributing authors at, recently wrote an article called ‘Why CRUD might be what they want, but may not be what they need‘.  While this applies mostly to the world of applications, I’ve been saying the same things about tools and pipeline for a...

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