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Do you remember what being happy feels like?

As I’m coming up on my 5-month mark at my new job, I was thinking about how happy I am here at CCP.  I’ve been waking up at 7:30 for weeks, braving the frigid Icelandic mornings, because I have been so excited to get into work. My happiness caused...

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Autodesk, leading the back of the pack!

A recent discussion on G+ prompted this blog post (which I’ve edited to make more sense in this context and took out the rant target’s name). His insistence on using MEL over python isn’t “sticking to his guns”, this is harmful conservatism. It would be one thing if a...

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To Verizon and Motorola: Let me use my own goddamn property

My first cell phone was a Verizon phone, and when I moved out after college I stuck with Verizon.  The only reason I cancelled my Verizon plan was because Casady and I moved to Iceland, where our CDMA phones do not work.  (CDMA is a type of cell communications...

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My GDC 2012 TechArt Bootcamp Session

Recently edited it, I’m sure I’ll fix it up and change it some more: The traditional role of Tech Art has been art support, integration, and tools. As the scope of pipelines have grown and matured, Tech Artists find themselves thrust into roles that require a large amount of...

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