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Free Practical Maya Programming with Python eBooks

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone,

Last week I asked my publisher if I could make the Practical Maya Programming with Python eBook totally free. I was told some good news and bad news.

The bad news is, they won’t make it free. The good news is, my editor said that Packt often runs free eBook campaigns, and would make the book part of the free campaign whenever they come up. I will blog here when they do (and also please tweet me @techartistsorg if I miss it).

If you can acquire a pirated copy of my book, I encourage you to do so. Packt does not use DRM as far as I know, so just ask a friend who has the book.

Sorry I can’t make it totally free right now, as much as I want to. It sucks to not have full control over something you have personally invested so much in, but I don’t have the energy to fight my publisher on this one (and the fact that they’re DRM-free makes this much less of an issue).

Enjoy, and please leave me a review on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Free Practical Maya Programming with Python eBooks

  1. Brad Clark says:

    Rob we still have some free Digital Copies available through Rigging Dojo and will give 10 away in the order of contacted (email me brad at rigging dojo dot com) until out.


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