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What do you want next?

We are focusing on A and B, and in a month or so we’ll start focusing on C, while also keeping focus on A and B. Sound familiar? When we do prioritization at work, I insist we have a single column of priorities or coarse features. In other words,...

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Anxiety causes selfish behavior

BPS Research Digest is a great site, highly recommended for anyone interested in why people behave the way that they do. A little while ago, they reported on a study where anxious participants were more likely to cheat and excuse their own unethical behavior than the control group. When...

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Could employees choose their own manager?

Someone once brought up to me a plan about enabling employees to choose their own manager. The idea has stuck with me for a while, and being in my current position of authority I’ve pondered it more actively. I’ll use this post to collect my thoughts, and maybe present...

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Automated testing shows a respect for employees

In the G+ community page there was a comment on a thread about unit testing: A key factor in TA tools is the speed at which we need to deliver them, and our audience is considerably smaller than, say, engine tools code. Therefor it becomes somewhat hard to...

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