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When advice turns out to be a mistake

I remember reading Clinton Keith’s “Agile Game Development” and getting to an anecdote about CCP Games, where I worked at the time. The following is from a Gamasutra repost of the book’s “Teams” chapter: In the fall of 2008, CCP undertook the development of its tenth expansion pack called...

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Linting pull requests

A couple weeks ago on Twitter, I joked about adding a way to bypass Cozy’s Pull Request linter by including #YOLO in the pull request description. It spawned an interesting discussion and a few people asked for more details about how the linter works. Some devs at @CozyCo said...

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Hiring in a time of scarcity

I’ve never understood the hypergrowth mindset that’s guided the tech industry for the last few years, and part of me is happy that the investment bubble has popped. I’m not interested in throwing around money to solve problems; my experience is this creates more problems than it solves, and...

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