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Blogging again!

I’m going to start blogging again (and more seriously for the first time).  I’ve been doing most of my posting over at the past few years, but now with increased free time (no more crunch for me), and an expertise in a relevant area (I feel like I’m...

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Speaker at GDC 2009

I’ll be on a panel for “Technical Art Techniques” at GDC 2009.  I am so psyched about going, I can’t wait.  My bio (with awesome Sith photo) is here: Money is tight but it is always well worth it to go if possible.

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Yes we can!

Not yes we did.  There is still lots of work to do.  Yes we can.

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zomg I still have a blog?

Odds are if you visit this blog, you know about the site I opened, , a community for 3D technical artists.  I probably won’t be updating this blog much, especially with tech stuff, since it will be on there mostly.  Stop by, even students and hobbyists, there is...

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WordPress Integration Complete

Converted the site over to wordpress.  The old site is still available (with links) from .  Please give me feedback on what I should change/improve if you can. There should be more content and more updates now.  Almost done with the Texture-Based Blendshapes, the page about them is...

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On Track

Work on is going well. I should have more news in a week, I have been very busy getting content and writing to technical artists in discussions about the site. Everyone is very enthusiastic about it. Along with TAO’s launch, I’m converting my site over to WordPress. All...

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More updates

Did some maintenance on the website today, cleaning up old databases, subdomains, etc. Finally got rid of the Blood and Iron forum… sad, that was good memories. Wiki has been installed and once I get together with my web admin, I hope to get the forum software installed. I...

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Well I’ve gone ahead and made the domain purchases for, .org, .net, and and .net. I have a tentative web admin for now and have a friend who I can ask for questions and help if needed, as well. Over the course of the next week, we...

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So after spending a few hours setting up the Wiki I was going to migrate my site over to, I realized what it is I should be doing. After putting things like PuppetShop or DotNet into the [[ ]] tag that represents a wiki page, I realized, this is...

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I’ve finally settled down and got internet in Austin. Life and job is awesome. In my month of internet-less I didn’t really work as much as I should have on my new projects, my mind was pretty full learning lots of stuff at work. However, I did completely redo...

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