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WordPress Integration Complete


Converted the site over to wordpress.  The old site is still available (with links) from .  Please give me feedback on what I should change/improve if you can.

There should be more content and more updates now.  Almost done with the Texture-Based Blendshapes, the page about them is up though. is up, though it isn’t officially open (and most of the discussion is in a hidden forum right now).  But if you are reading this, I would encourage you to register on the forums for now.  I had a great stroke of luck- Ben Cloward suggested I get in contact with some other industry guys he knew, and it turned out a couple were working on a similar project (technical community), so we’ve joined forces.  It will lend lots of weight towards establishing credibility for the young community, not to mention the help with all the work to do.


On Track


Work on is going well. I should have more news in a week, I have been very busy getting content and writing to technical artists in discussions about the site. Everyone is very enthusiastic about it.

Along with TAO’s launch, I’m converting my site over to WordPress. All of my tutorials and lots of other stuff will go over to the TAO Wiki, while I’m streamlining things on my site for my scripts and shaders. It will also make it much easier to update (I’ve had a string ops script done for a month but have been too lazy to update my website, for shame).

Anyway, it is late and there is much work to do, so that is it for now.

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