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More updates

Did some maintenance on the website today, cleaning up old databases, subdomains, etc. Finally got rid of the Blood and Iron forum… sad, that was good memories.

Wiki has been installed and once I get together with my web admin, I hope to get the forum software installed. I should have been writing a .NET or PuppetShop tutorial this weekend, but played Team Fortress 2 instead. Three days is too long a weekend for me. And still haven’t touched my projects I am supposed to finish (both about a real 80% complete… shame).

Another idea I had as I was setting up the website was, to set up a simple versioning/repository for anyone that signs up. I think this would be really nice- most people I would think have webspace, but setting up an SVN repository is a pain. I would like to develop a way of setting up some sort of versioning system people can subscribe to with a couple clicks, so they don’t have to worry about losing or overwriting their scripts (who hasn’t done that before…). That may be a task for the future, however, no idea how complex it is.

Anyway, assuming my potential web admin doesn’t fall through, I should be on time for an official launch some time in June. And assuming I can do something useful instead of play TF2 :)