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The Development Isolation Layer

Joel Spolsky over at Joel on Software has an excellent article from 2006, called “The Development Abstraction Layer.” The gist of it is that, developers must be abstracted from the distractions of business. Management’s primary responsibility to create the illusion that a software company can be run by writing...

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Generic Interfaces/Abstract Base Classes

I want to show a really useful pattern I’ve been taking advantage of recently. public interface IXElementSerializable where T : IXElementSerializable { T Deserialize(XElement element); XElement Serialize(); } public class MyType : IXElementSerializable { public MyType Deserialize(XElement element) { … } public XElement Serialize() { … } } I...

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Math Libraries

.NET 3d math libraries are a bit strange. There are a few options available- arguably the best one, XNA, only works for 32 bit. If you want an x64 math library, your pickings are slim. So, after having been through a number of the public offerings available, and having...

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