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Fighting the tyranny of tools design

At our studio, the lead game designers are also the ones that decide workflows and design tools for the rest of the design team. However, there’s nothing that says good game designers are good tools designers (I’ll talk about this in a future post, and it may be that...

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Exceptions vs. No Exceptions

When I moved onto the tools team, I was shocked to find out that the codebase is written not to throw or expect exceptions. I withheld judgement for a little while (because it wasn’t going to change and I have respect for the people who made the decision), but...

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Rob Galanakis- Tools Programmer

2 weeks ago I made the move onto the Tools Programming team here at BioWare Austin (which is why I haven’t been around on the TAO site or IRC, things are calmed down now though). I moved across the building but then back into the same room I moved...

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