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Rob Galanakis- Tools Programmer

2 weeks ago I made the move onto the Tools Programming team here at BioWare Austin (which is why I haven’t been around on the TAO site or IRC, things are calmed down now though). I moved across the building but then back into the same room I moved out of, because Tools has moved into the Tech Art pit. I’m really enjoying the new team, new codebase, and new tasks. Going from a codebase I wrote probably 75% of to working in one I’ve never seen, that is many times larger, written with different and conventions, in an older version of the .NET framework, and with many areas of dubious quality, has been quite an adventure!

I have 4(!) posts in my drafts folder that I’m trying to finish up and post. I promise at least one in November.

2 thoughts on “Rob Galanakis- Tools Programmer

  1. Anmol says:

    Hello Rob! I am a high school student from India, interested in pursuing my career in game designing. I came across your name in Bioware and decided to “Google” you :P What i want to ask is, which course should i opt for in my college for this type of career? Please help me brother, this is my last year in school and I have to decide fast. Thanks.

    1. I can’t really help much if you want to pursue game design- it’s not really my expertise. That said, there are numerous ‘game design’ courses in the US. Mileage may vary (a lot of them over-promise, cost a lot, and under-deliver). If you have a passion for programming, do a programming course. If you have a passion for art, major in computer graphics. Game design is an easy thing to get into if you already have a core discipline, and it’ll make you a better game designer (and of course, play and design games during college!).

      I’d suggest posting on, someone there could probably give you a more complete answer.

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