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GDC Slides/Notes online: Ending the Culture War

I’ve uploaded my GDC slides (with full notes/narration). Here’s the link:

Rob Galanakis: Ending the Culture War, GDC 2011 TA Bootcamp (PDF slides/notes)

The main point of the presentation is understanding how to get your Tech Art and Tools Engineering teams to work together effectively (and why they aren’t working effectively now). I go over each team’s strengths (have you ever considered how differently TA and Engineering are set up?!), how to turn adversarial relationships into positive structures (how are tools supposed to get made when all three departments are competing for the same people’s time?), and actual technical strategies for working together (defining strong data interfaces and laying boundaries for a common codebase).

Please download it, read it over, and tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “GDC Slides/Notes online: Ending the Culture War

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