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Relearning python, part 8: Over the hump

I did it.  As I was finishing yesterday’s blog post, I finally got my project working, and exposed on the internet.  Now I that things are finally figured out, I can document and test it.

I ended up writing a process that runs a socket/ZeroMQ based service, which is long-running and persistent.  I have my web UI, written with pyjamas, that uses jsonrpc through CGI.  The CGI service/handler (which runs on the server, obviously) opens a brief connection to the persistent service to run whatever method call it was asked to call, and return the result.  Until I deploy it on the actual server, I have my router port-forward incoming connections to my machine.  So I’ve used my service from my Droid successfully ;)  I have no idea if this is a terrible design, but it serves my needs well enough.

I’ve been really impressed with pyjamas.  I think I’ve gotten over the learning hurdle, and am starting to compose together a pretty nice UI.

Hopefully I can finish this project in the next couple weeks, and move on to other things as I just tighten things up and improve it.

Once I got over the hump, I went back to enjoying things again.  I could write code with confidence, and feel like I was learning and making progress, rather than just trying things arbitrarily.

That should wrap up the real work for this ‘relearning python’ series- I’m not sure that I’ll reach any more epiphanies, and I’m now pretty comfortable with the switch from C# to python.  I’ll make sure to wrap things up with a conclusion post or two, as promised.

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