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pynocle 0.10 released

My first useful open source project, pynocle, is finally ready for me to talk about.

Get the code via Hg/GoogleCode here:
Browser the pynocle-generated metrics for pynocle here:

pynocle is a series of modules designed to provide the most comprehensive code analysis of python available from a single source.  It is designed to be as dead simple to use as possible- create/configure a pynocle.Monocle object, and run it.  You can get by quite well only knowing 2 methods on a single object.

Right now, pynocle has support for:

  1. Cyclomatic Complexity
  2. Coupling (afferent and efferent)
  3. Google PageRank-like algorithm for measuring coupling (requires numpy)
  4. Source lines of code
  5. Dependency diagrams (requires GraphViz Dot)
  6. Coverage (requires coverage module)
It is intended to run out-of-the-box with minimal work.  Over the coming months, I’m going to add:
  1. More configuration support.  Right now this is truly just an API, which I prefer, but it may make it easier if it can be configured through text.
  2. Runnable from commandline.  I plan to make the whole thing runnable, as well as individual components.
  3. Python easy_install/PyPI support.  Right now, you do it all by hand.
  4. Get it running on Linux.  I am catching a WindowsError in a few places and also am missing the filetype indicator at the top of the files.  I’m not a *nix guy, so if you can help with this, I’d love it (should be simple).
  5. Improve rendering of reports.  Right now, most are in plain text (except dependency images, and coverage html report).  I’d like to make them all some form of HTML.
  6. Add more metrics.  Believe it or not, I’m pretty happy with the current metrics, but I’ll be adding more as time goes on and I get ideas or people ask.
My end goal is to have something comparable to NDepend, but much more limited in scope (both because of the amount of work, and python’s dynamic nature making static analysis more restrictive).
This is my first potentially cool open source project.  If you would like to contribute, great!  Please email me.  If you have any advice for me, I’d love that to!  What’s involved in ensuring this project is successful and adopted?

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