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goless now on PyPI

goless is now available on the Python Package Index: . You can do pip install goless and get Go-like primitives to use in Python, that runs atop gevent, PyPy, or Stackless Python. You can write code like: channel = goless.chan() def goroutine(): while True: value = channel.recv() channel.send(value...

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goless Benchmarks

I benchmarked how goless performs under different backends (goless is a library that provides a Go-like concurrency model for Python, on top of stackless, PyPy, or gevent). Here are the results, also available on the goless readthedocs page: Platform Backend Benchmark Time ======== ========= ============== ======= PyPy stackless chan_async...

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Hiring your cake and eating it too

When evaluating candidates, I have always been a believer that cultural fit and potential to improve is more important than technical ability. Of course I like to review real code samples and give a programming test, but I rarely ask for whiteboard programming. I am not a master of...

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Optimize iteration length for feedback

If there is one theme that is weaved through all of Agile’s principles and practices, it is feedback. TDD. Pair programming. Continuous delivery. Stories. Estimation. Reviews. Retrospectives. On-site customers. Feedback comes up against and again. Feedback from code, the team, and users. As I mentioned in my previous post,...

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Should a team be able to abort a sprint?

After my second retrospective on a new project, I unloaded some pretty harsh criticism about what we were building. I felt it was a “solution in search of a problem” and “not high value.” After proposing an alternative and convincing everyone to change direction, our sort-of Product Owner blasted...

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