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I have created all shaders in this section. Full documentation and source material is included in each download.

The OGRE shaders have 2 or 3 lights in a single pass, in order to save rendering passes, which is less of a problem where performance is not an issue. On the other hand, the 3dsmax/ShaderFX are usually set up for 3 lights done in multi-pass (FXComposer is set up for 1 light). The FXComposer .fx file is well documented, the other shaders are usually not documented in the code, so if you have a question what something is or why I do it, check out the fxcomposer file.

One more note concerning the OGRE files. I’ve taken them from the tech demos at and thus are not entirely self-contained. There is one master .program file, and there are a couple shared vertex shader .hlsl files that the materials use in conjection with unique pixel shader files. A little work though and you should be able to figure it all out easily enough. I’ve also written a tutorial on .fx files and OGRE materials you can find on my Tutorials page.

Shaders available in DirectX/FXComposer FX format and/or 3dsmax FX format.

Numerous shaders, (heroSkin, velvet, metal, and lots of standard bump/spec shaders), are available in OGRE material format, available from the Blood and Iron Tech Demo, at

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