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GDC 2008

I just got back from GDC yesterday afternoon, it was awesome. I was working the booth for Digini/Blade3D, an complete game engine and toolset for XNA. I didn’t get to attend many lectures, unfortunately, but this was also because I really enjoyed working the booth. Getting to talk to so many hobbyists, independents, students, teachers, etc., and tell them about Blade3D made me quite excited… I’ve worked on my own games and projects before, and I know how great affordable and powerful middleware like Blade is. Anyway, you can find out more from their site. On March 15th they’ll have the version we were showing at GDC available, so try it out then; it will be live in early Summer.

It was also nice meeting a bunch of people I’ve only met via forums, MSN, and phone. I’ll be blogging about some more GDC thoughts at a later time, including some of the exhibits I was really impressed with.

The reason I was able to go to GDC was because I just left my last job due to their announced layoffs (as I stated on my main site). I don’t know how any of the gaming team is sticking around to work for a company that pulls something like SolutionsIQ did. Anyway, it may have been a godsend for me personally: I got to go to GDC, and on Wednesday I am flying down to interview with BioWare Austin! I’ll post once I know more.