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I just got back from Austin, meeting the uber-talented guys at Bioware for an interview as a Technical Animator. The trip was a lot of fun, the team was great, everything was just bliss. I am so excited to start working there, Bioware for me is a dream job, like some people dream of working at Blizzard, Valve, etc.

Even better than just working at Bioware, I also am working next to one of my video game idols, Ben Cloward, who told me about the job and put in a reference for me that was responsible as much as anything for getting to at least the interview stage. If game developers can have fanboys, I’m a Ben Cloward fanboy; he was great to meet in person, and the rest of the animation team are great as well. I interviewed Thursday, and then on Friday we all played Ultimate Frisbee at the gorgeous park and then went to lunch (they had the day off for Leap Year).

Austin is beautiful and I just cannot wait to get down there again. Perhaps it was from going through my first Seattle winter, but everything was just so nice and pleasant there. I like to say, I will have experienced Seattle winters and Texas summers.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some really cool shader stuff that I hope to release before the move.

Upward and onward!