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A Third of an Update

Alright, I uploaded the Shader-driven animation project. This is one of the three projects I am working on, and one of the two not-very-useful ones. But it is interesting and hopefully will spark your own cool ideas. The one very useful one (Skinning by Proxy) is also gargantuan, but it is done mostly, at this point there is still significant testing, fixing, and improving to do. So I can’t say for sure when the first version will be out, I hope to try it by fire at BioWare. My other project, Vector Displacement, is all done, but I need to finish documenting and cleaning before I release it.

It snowed Friday and Saturday. That’s right, snow. WTF? In my idleness this week, I replayed through Half-Life 2, and then Episodes 1 and 2 with commentary. Awesome. But now, no video games for a while again. Productivity is so much more rewarding.

I leave Tuesday for Austin, I can’t wait to get into my new apartment. Though the empty apartment will be strange until my stuff arrives. I’m bringing with me some clothes, a blanket, pillow, sautee pan, and chef’s knife. My apartment is pretty minimalist anyway so it should be fun being ultra-minimalist for a week or two. And there is a Whole Foods a block away so I’m very happy. Well, on to the next step of my journey!

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  1. Thodoris says:

    Good luck with your new job. And don’t be a stranger.

    Kali tuhi,

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