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I’ve finally settled down and got internet in Austin. Life and job is awesome.

In my month of internet-less I didn’t really work as much as I should have on my new projects, my mind was pretty full learning lots of stuff at work. However, I did completely redo vertex vector displacement and made it into a completely useful texture-based blendshapes. I still have some shader work to do (a pre-processing RTT step I don’t have enough experience in), I will finish it when I get some good ‘alone time’ with a programmer or someone who can help me. Very excited about it.

Next week I’m going to switch over my entire website to either a Wiki or WordPress, can’t decide. The Blog will replace the front page. Basically, most people come to my site for information, and for downloads. The current format is already feeling a strain, and frankly, I don’t enjoy editing webpages in GoLive or any other HTML editor for that matter. I can’t decide what to switch to, so I’ll spend a few hours this weekend trying some out and researching. I’d like to make my website able to scale, and the current setup makes that very difficult. Wiki’s seem to be the most utilitarian but they are also bland. Not sure what I’ll do but there should be a major update sometime after next weekend.

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