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Hello San Francisco and GDC 2011!

I’ll be giving a talk as part of the TA Bootcamp on Tuesday, entitled “Ending the Culture War: Building a Better Pipeline by Uniting Tech Art and Engineering”. I’ll have the slides up after the talk, with full text narration (as I did last year and will continue to...

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SmartBear’s Code Collaborator for Code Reviews

We’ve been using SmartBear’s Code Collaborator at BWA on the engineering side for a few months and I think it has worked out real well. I recently forced it upon Tech Art and we’re seeing immediate gains and I’d highly recommend the product. The big problem we had (on...

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Bill Gates on great programmers

Excerpt from an interview with Bill Gates in the 1986 book Programmers at Work: I think after the first three or four years, it’s pretty cast in concrete whether you’re a good programmer or not. After a few years, you may know more about managing large projects and personalities,...

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Fixing things is easy, but you must be careful about what you fix

On NPR/KUT a few months ago, I was listening to a short story called ‘The Fix’ by Percival Everett. It was about a character Sherman Olney, who could fix anything- refrigerators, car engines, relationships- even bring people back to life. When asked by his employer (the owner of some...

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