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pynocle 0.10 released

My first useful open source project, pynocle, is finally ready for me to talk about. Get the code via Hg/GoogleCode here: Browser the pynocle-generated metrics for pynocle here: pynocle is a series of modules designed to provide the most comprehensive code analysis of python available from a single source....

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Don’t use global state to manage a local problem

Just put this up on altdevblogaday: I’ve ripped off this title from a common trend on Raymond Chen of MSFT’s blog.  Here are a bunch of posts about it. I can scream it to the heavens but it doesn’t mean people understand.  Globals are bad.  Well, no shit...

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The skinny on virtual static methods

Today at work, I saw the following pattern in python: class Base(object): @classmethod def Spam(cls): raise NotImplementedError() class Derived(Base): @classmethod def Spam(cls): return 'Eggs' After thinking it over and looking at the alternatives, I didn’t have an objection. I asked for some verbose documentation explaining the decision and contract,...

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Automation must be a last resort

A repost from altdevblogaday.  Original post here:  As is usual, the title is more inflammatory than the contents, the contents muddle the issue, and things are far more clear after reading the comments. As tools programmers and tech artists, we are responsible for the efficiency of our designers and...

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Python software metrics- my first useful OS project?

I’ve tried to open-source code quite a few times, but the projects have been niche enough that they haven’t been very useful.  Well, I finally have something universally useful. I’ve take an interest in code metrics recently (as documented on this blog) and I have been quite upset to learn...

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