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How to deal with being a negative developer

There was a recent AltDevBlogADay post about Negative Developers and Team Stability¬†that hit home. It’s not that I think the advice was particularly interesting (good, standard stuff), it’s that it reminded be that¬†I’ve been a negative developer. I don’t know what I could have done differently. I just wasn’t...

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Decisions, decisions

Some people can find me a bit over-earnest in my quest for automation. I’ve finally figured out how to know whether something is worthwhile to automate. Are you making any decisions when you do this? And if someone is making decisions that may be unnecessary: Can we get from...

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Python for programmers?

Writing up some performance reviews reminded me of my opinionated fact that a minority of people programming python really understand python. I think in statically typed languages, this is somewhat more acceptable. I think of how interesting “CLR via C#” was. It helped me understand the CLR and IL,...

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