Rob Galanakis
Technical Artist


  • Blood and Iron - The website for my senior thesis project.
  • Ogre3d - OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphical Rendering Engine) is one of the best pieces of software I've ever used, and its open-source.
  • Polycount - The best thing a game artist can do is register here, and the people are lots 'o fun.
  • Ben Cloward - A really awesome individual who through his samples, tools, suggestions, and guidance, helped me learn HLSL. Check out ShaderFX, am awesome shader-authoring tool he co-wrote, which just released version 2.0. An additional thanks to Ben for fielding my MaxScript questions.
  • Lumonix - I can't give enough thanks to Kees Rijnen and Ben Cloward for their awesome tool ShaderFX. Not only did it help me learn HLSL, they really do their best to provide cutting edge techniques that I have used in my own shaders. Even if you don't use the tool to author shaders, it is worth the price for the wealth of great HLSL code and technique it contains.
  • Icrontic - The most helpful PC tech and hardware forum I've seen, where I go when I have any computer problems or questions.
  • BioWare Austin - The company I work for.