Rob Galanakis
Technical Artist

Tutorials and Articles

Here are tutorials and articles. Unless noted, I've written/made them all, though some are hosted off-site. You can find other tutorial sites and articles on my Links page.
  • Character Creation with 3dsmax: 7 video tutorials, covering the creation of a model/unit for Rome: Total War video game. A tutorial I did a couple years ago, that is a good introduction to 3dsmax. You can get more details and download mirrors by following the link.
  • Converting an .fx file to OGRE: A tutorial on converting an FX file to OGRE3D shader files and format.
  • Photoshop and Photosourced Texture Creation: 4 video tutorials for an online class covering: introduction to Photoshop CS2 (lesson 1), photo editing (lesson 2), creating nice diffuse maps (lesson 3), and extracting specular and normal maps from the diffuse texture (lesson 4). You can get to the download links and additional material (suggested reading and resources) from here: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4.
  • maxScript Direct-X Scripted Material Plug-in: A tutorial on an absolutely essential and all-too-overlooked pipeline feature for any 3dsmax technical artist. First I give an overview of the scripted plugins and what they are used for, and then  pick apart an example (but in-depth) scripted material plugin.
Art/3D Articles:
Organizational/Industry Articles:
Miscellaneous Articles:
  • Light Tutorial: A very in-depth article about the behaviour, art, and science behind art. Very useful for artists and shader-writers. By Richard Harris.
  • Beautiful Yet Friendly: An article by Guillaume Provost about rendering and graphics pipeline and costs. Another valuable read for the technical artist (or anyone wondering what their tech artists and graphics programmers are talking about).