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Using code metrics effectively

As the lead of a team and then a director for a project, code metrics were very important to me. I talked about using Sonar for code metrics in my previous post. Using metrics gets to the very core of what I believe about software development: Great teams create...

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Using Sonar for static analysis of Python code

I’ve been doing static analysis for a while, first with C# and then with Python. I’ve even made an aborted attempt at a Python static code quality analyzer (pynocle, I won’t link to it because it’s dead). About a year ago we set up Sonar ( to analyze the...

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Pynocle update

New pynocle uploaded to google code (not PyPI yet). In this is a much better dependency graph rendering, module filename resolution, optimizations (such as only calculating dependency data and filename resolutions once), replacing imports with AST, and other improvements. However I took out the ability to run pynocle over...

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pynocle 0.10 released

My first useful open source project, pynocle, is finally ready for me to talk about. Get the code via Hg/GoogleCode here: Browser the pynocle-generated metrics for pynocle here: pynocle is a series of modules designed to provide the most comprehensive code analysis of python available from a single source....

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